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MMA Competition Class


Welcome to the exciting MMA Competition Class at PTT Vernon! Our academy offers a world-class training program designed specifically for those who want to take their mixed martial arts (MMA) skills to the next level. If you are passionate about MMA and ready to take on new challenges, this class is for you.

Who Should Join?

To ensure a safe and effective learning environment, we require students to have a minimum of six months martial arts experience or be invited to join this specialized class. This ensures that all participants have a solid foundation in basic techniques and are prepared for the level of training we offer in the MMA Competition Class.

Our Approach

At PTT Vernon, we believe in the holistic training of our students. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a rigorous training program that covers fundamentals such as:

  • Striking and kicking techniques

  • Grappling and ground fighting

  • Self defense

  • Combat strategies

  • Physical preparation and conditioning

Our advanced teaching methodology is designed to help you hone your skills and develop the confidence needed to compete in the world of MMA.

Benefits of joining our MMA Competition Class:
  • Learning in a challenging but safe environment.

  • Development of advanced MMA skills.

  • Preparation for professional competitions and fights.

  • Improved endurance, strength and fitness.

  • The opportunity to train with industry experts.

Blake Fredrickson

Blake is a professional MMA fighter with a professional record of 15 wins 3 losses. He brings his wealth of real world mixed martial arts and wrestling competition experience to our MMA classes.

Class Schedule and Contact:

Below, you can find the schedule of our MMA competition classes:


Do you have questions or are interested in joining our MMA Competition Class? Feel free to contact us. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.


At PTT Vernon, we are committed to helping you reach your goals in MMA. Join our MMA Competition Class and discover the exciting world of mixed martial arts like never before.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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