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Boxing,No-Gi & MMA Classes

Sharpen your reflexes, build endurance, and broaden your skillset in our Boxing, No-Gi, and MMA Classes. In our Boxing Classes,  train your punch technique and combinations through shadow boxing, light sparring and footwork. In MMA class you’ll get a chance to focus on wall/cage work, wrestling, takedowns, striking, defense, and ground and pound.



Energetic classes that focus on training punch technique and combinations through shadow boxing, light sparring and footwork. Participants will improve their coordination, balance, strength, and overall fitness. The Boxing instructor Wesley has studied boxing under local boxing legend and MMA pioneer Professor Gary Armbrust, bringing a high degree of expertise and commitment to each class. Sessions focus on using pads, shadow boxing, light sparring and footwork to teach proper punch technique and well-coordinated combinations.


The gi uniform has both limitations and advantages in the practice of BJJ. In this No-Gi class, you’ll build new strength and muscle memory as you focus on gaining leverage on an opponent without relying on a uniform. In No-Gi, students advance their Jiu Jitsu by learning new clinching, hooks, and squeezing techniques that allow you to gain advantage through skill technique instead of brute strength.


Improve your stand up game in this mixed martial arts class. Our MMA classes are taught by two local legends: Blake Fredrickson and Professor Gary Armbrust.  Both Blake and Gary have extensive experience from the early days of MMA and are passionate about passing along their knowledge and skills.  Our MMA covers a broad range of fundamental Mixed Martial Arts techniques. You’ll work on different types of punches and stances, reinforced with boxing drills, set combinations, and pad work. Classes focus on wall and cage work, wrestling, takedowns, defending against takedown, striking (hands and feet), clinching, and ground and pound.

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